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Summer 2015

Summer Quarter registration begins April 15, 2015. Summer ReasonsSummer Reasons
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GEN ST 348: Creating an Experiential Learning Portfolio

  A Term (June 23 - July 21): TTh, 2:20pm-4:30pm,
  SLN#11584 (2 credits, CR/NC)  
  Instructors: Emily Smith, , Global Opportunities Program
  Kathryn Cornforth,,  Carlson Leadership & Public Policy Center

This course will guide you through the process of building an online portfolio, or e-portfolio. The e-portfolio development process will help you identify deep connections between your learning, experiences and life goals. It will also engage you in hands-on activities to explore your personal strengths, organize and document your accomplishments and highlight evidence of your learning in creative and visual ways that showcase your skills and knowledge.

You will leave this course with the skill set necessary to maintain a personal e-portfolio that will help you stay focused on your goals and give you a place to archive your significant learning experiences. Your e-portfolio will then grow and change as you do. (Open to students of all grade-levels and all academic majors, no former experience with technology is necessary).