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We are pleased to introduce the four new members of the Martin Family Foundation - the 2014 Martin Achievement Scholars (MAS).  These students will continue to complete their course of study and eligiblity credits for specific degree work and will transfer to the University of Washington in 2015.  The MAS selects student early in their community college career and will fund, encourage and support their study and eventual transfer to the University of Washington-Seattle Campus. 

The Martin Family Foundation Scholarship Programs enable community college students of exceptional ability and outstanding achievement to complete their baccalaureate degrees at the University of Washington. Martin Scholars are selected from applicants who attend one of the thirty-six community colleges in Washington State. The two scholarship programs supported by the Martin Family Foundation -- the Martin Achievement Scholarship (April deadline) and the Martin Family Foundation Honors Scholarship (July deadline).  In September 2014, we will add additional two to three Martin Family Foundatin Honors Scholars.

Niloofar Ghodsian_2014_Martin AchievementNiloofar Ghodsian_2014_Martin Achievement

Niloofar Ghodsian

South Seattle Community College
2014 Martin Honors Scholar

Niloofar immigrated to the United States on October 2012. She came here to pursue her dream of going to university and continuing her education. Back in her country, Iran, she did not have the opportunity to enter a university because of her religion, so she moved to Turkey and sought refuge from the United Nation so she could come to America. She enrolled at South Seattle Community College six months after arriving to the U.S. and is currently working on her A.S. degree.

She tutors Math, Chemistry, and English in TRiO tutoring center at her college. This is a rewarding experience because she has the opportunity to work with students one on one and can see their progress. She also deepens her own understanding of the subjects through tutoring. She is a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Ready Set Transfer for STEM major, and Women in STEM club.

Science classes are Niloofar's favorites. Her desire to help people around her has added to her passion of science and has led her to choose the Environmental Health major. This major allows her to apply her knowledge in order to have a role in saving people's lives. The University of Washington offers broad research programs that Niloofar wishes to be a part of, so she plans to transfer to the University of Washington Fall Quarter of 2015.

Katrin Hosseini_2014_Martin AchievementKatrin Hosseini_2014_Martin Achievement

Katrin Hosseini

Green River Community College
2014 Martin Achievement Scholar

Katrin was born in December, 1991 in Tehran, Iran. She was the eldest of her family. Despite of Katrin's mother being the only parent who raises her two daughters, she developed a deep passion for education with her mother’s support. Her passion for learning extended beyond her classrooms and her curiosity led her to question the unchangeable Islamic rule that she followed. Katrin and her family ultimately made one of the biggest decisions of their lives and converted to Christianity. She then graduated from high school in 2009 determinant to get into medical school. Their religious freedom was restricted by the Iranian government. 

Katrin and her family left Iran to Turkey and lived there as refugees for two years. The goals that she had for her future career came to an end in Turkey.   Being that they were refugee, the Turkish did not let them attend schools. Katrin persevered and established short-term goals: learning Turkish, playing guitar, singing in choir, and volunteering. With great anticipation from United Nation, her family was finally able to embark the US in 2012. 

Katrin enrolled in ESOL classes at Green River Community College to strengthen her English skills.  It was a big challenge in her life. However, instead of giving up, she was motivated to persevere into college level classes. It was such a joy for her family because she was the first college student. She is currently a tutor in the Math Learning Center. Whatever the barrier was, she overcame it because she keeps her goals in mind with positive self-determination. Helping people is her goal in life, and the dream of becoming a doctor fits for this goal perfectly. Education gives her the opportunity to become a doctor and serve the country that gave her the equal opportunity to grow.


Amina Sheikh_2014_Martin AchievementAmina Sheikh_2014_Martin Achievement

Amina Sheikh

South Seattle Community College

2014 Martin Honors Scholar

Amina was born and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her life dramatically changed when she moved to the United States with her family in 20 II. While adapting to life in a new country with new culture and customs was difficult, Amina was extremely motivated by the opportunity to gain a higher education. Amina graduated from Kentridge High School in 2012. After graduating from high school, Amina began attending South Seattle Community College. She plans to transfer to the University of Washington in the fall of 2015, where she will major in biology on a pre-med track. 

Amina is currently a tutor for the TRiO at South Seattle where she tutors her peers in math, biology and chemistry. As a tutor she is able to help her peers and give back to her campus community that has supported her immensely. Amina is also the Vice President of Women in STEM a student run organization that focuses on getting women interested in the STEM field. The club also works to provide women in the STEM fields with professional and educational resources.

This upcoming summer of 2014, Amina will be taking part in the Summer Medical Dental Education Program (SMDEP) at the University of Washington. The program is intended to enrich and expose underrepresented minorities to fields of medicine and dentistry. Amina's goal upon finishing her undergraduate degree is to attend medical school and become a physician.  This passion stems from witnessing medical practices in different parts of the world and living within underserved populations where people went untreated and suffered from completely preventable diseases.


Tim Sundine_2014_Martin AchievementTim Sundine_2014_Martin Achievement

Tim Sundine

Everett Community College

2014 Martin Achievement Scholar

Tim's passion for aviation and his desire to shape his career around Aeronautical Engineering and piloting were energized by his experiences of flying an old WWII trainer, sitting in the cockpit of Boeing's new 787, and being mentored by his Uncle, who is an Air force Veteran and retired Continental Airlines Captain. Tim has brought forward his personal vision with a foundation of character based on his personal philosophy of hard work and self-reliance, which led him to earn his pilot's license by the age of 19 and enter the pre-engineering program at Everett Community College. He plans on transferring to the University of Washington to obtain a bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

In addition to going after his educational aspirations by jumpstarting his college education with college level courses in high school, Tim has endeavored to serve his community. Instead of participating in formalized extracurricular activities, he has chosen over the years to make it a point to support his neighbors, behind the scenes, that are senior, disabled or that just need help. His understanding that people helping people can make a profound difference in someone's life is due to, in part, his experience of losing his Mother to cancer when he was very young. Tim is optimistic about his ability to contribute in meaningful ways in his community throughout his life, being a part of future advancements in the Aerospace industry in research and development and earning his wings as a flight test pilot.