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Mary Gates Venture Scholarship

venture overviewventure overviewVenture Scholarships enable outstanding UW undergraduates to concentrate on developing an original project over a six- to twelve-month period. Venture scholars can be working in any discipline, and must be initially nominated by a UW faculty member. Undergraduates in excellent academic standing who have a well-defined project idea are eligible to be nominated. Venture projects should be innovative and creative in nature, may involve a product or new application, and may rely on faculty or community mentors for initial guidance. We recommend that you discuss your ideas with a member of the Mary Gates Endowment staff prior to pursuing a nomination.

The amount of the scholarship is determined based on a number of factors, including the proposed budget for the project. The award may be made in a lump sum payment or disbursed in installments via the student’s UW student account.

Past recipients of Venture scholarships include Wes Weddell whose project focused on preparing a musical neo-history of the state. Wes spent a quarter “actively immersed in the modern oral traditions of Washington State” and later recorded a CD of songs written while on his tour. Aimee Friberg received a Venture scholarship enabling her to pursue creative work utilizing multiple media and contributing to “the tradition of the intersection of art and technology." The Venture scholarship enabled Eric Huebner to focus on his research of neural regeneration with the hope of developing therapies to treat central nervous system injury. Rizaniño Reyes was already studying abroad in China and involved in research when he developed a project to create a collection of Sichuan flora for the UW’s Center for Urban Horticulture and Washington Park Arboretum.

Please look through the information provided about the Mary Gates Venture Scholarship before you apply.