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Education For Sustainability

Education for Sustainability


SLN: 13738

Facilitators: Emy Gelb ( and Ashley Young (

  • Date/Time: Tuesdays 2-3:20
  • Location: MGH 085
  • Class Start Date:  10/07

How do educators teach young people about the earth’s ecosystems and foster an ethic of environmental stewardship?What skills and ways of thinking are necessary to confront future change?

The seminar examines effective ways for educators to teach the meaning and importance of sustainability to the K-12 audience in formal and informal education settings. We will explore various philosophies, models and approaches to K-12 environmental education. In addition, students will volunteer in school classrooms and environmental community organizations in the Seattle area for at least 2.5 hours (2 credits) a week. 


 For this seminar, the number of credits a student receives depends on the number of tutoring hours completed in addition to seminar attendance. Credit and tutoring requirements are as follows:

2 credits: 2.5 hours tutoring/week (at least 20 hours tutoring/quarter)

3 credits: 5 hours tutoring/week (at least 40 hours tutoring/quarter)

4 credits: 7.5 hours tutoring/week (at least 60 hours tutoring/quarter)

5 credits: 10 hours tutoring/week (at least 80 hours tutoring/quarter)