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Strengths Based Education: Serving the Underserved

Strengths Based Education: Serving the Underserved


SLN: 13734

Facilitator: Gary Howlett:  and Debi Thomas Jones:

  • Class meets: Wednesdays
  • Start Date: 10/01
  • Time: 3-4:20pm 
  • Location: THO 202

The focus of this seminar is on emphasizing student’s strengths in learning, navigating, and approaching education. We will look at risk and protective factors of struggling students and critique current prevention and intervention programs being used in schools and communities.  Each week we will have a guest speaker who will bring insight and open discussion to our exploration of working with youth.  We will emphasize the important roles that we all serve in the education of our youth, as teachers, leaders, mentors and tutors.  

For these seminars, the number of credits a student receives depends on the number of tutoring hours completed in addition to seminar attendance. Credit and tutoring requirements are as follows:

  • 1 credit: 2.5 hours tutoring/week (at least 20 hours tutoring/quarter)*
  • 2 credits: 2.5 hours tutoring/week (at least 20 hours tutoring/quarter)
  • 3 credits: 5 hours tutoring/week (at least 40 hours tutoring/quarter)
  • 4 credits: 7.5 hours tutoring/week (at least 60 hours tutoring/quarter)
  • 5 credits: 10 hours tutoring/week (at least 80 hours tutoring/quarter)

*A student may opt to register for 1 credit if it means avoiding an additional registration fee. Students may also register for more than 5 credits.