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Undocumented/HB 1079 Students

Scholarship and Financial Aid Resources for Undocumented Students

In 2003, Washington Governor Gary Locke signed House Bill 1079 into law, allowing undocumented students who have lived in Washington for three years or more to pay in-state tuition at Washington colleges and universities. While HB 1079 opens the door to higher education for many undocumented students in Washington, it does not affect citizenship status and paying for school remains difficult for many.

Financial Aid Resources: Washington's REAL Hope Act & WASFA

Apply for financial aid by completing the WASFA by Feb. 28:

At UW, the Office of Student Financial Aid manages all financial aid programs included under the WASFA. Additional information is available here.

"On February 26, 2014, Governor Jay Inslee signed into law the REAL Hope Act (SB 6523), also known as the Washington Dream Act. Beginning with the 2014-15 academic year, this new law expands eligibility for the Washington State Need Grant to non-citizens who meet the program’s eligibility requirements in addition to all three residency criteria listed below:


  • Have graduated from a Washington high school or obtained a GED®
  • Have lived in Washington for three years prior to, and continuously since, earning the high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Sign an affidavit (written promise) to file an application to become a permanent resident of the United States when eligible to apply*.

       *Students granted deferred action for childhood arrival (DACA) must also complete and sign the affidavit." (from 

Scholarship Resources for Undocumented Students

Scholarship opportunities are more limited for those who are not US citizens, but there are scholarships that are open to students regardless of US citizenship status. And as for all students, the suggestions for developing yourself as an applicant discussed on the All Undergraduates page will be helpful to consider.

Search our database of scholarships for those open to HB 1079 students.

Additional scholarship search resources for undocumented students:

Additional UW resources for undocumented students: