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Beyond Dreaming Foundation Scholarship


We are proud to be able to support our students with a scholarship  for higher education. This scholarship is for Washington State undocumented high school seniors. 


  • Must be a Washington State High School Senior
  • Must be an undocumented student. We define an undocumented student as someone who wasborn outside of the U.S. but lives here without the legal permission of the federal government.
  • Must be or will be a high school/GED graduate who will enroll for the first time in an accreditedcollege or university in the U.S. or Puerto Rico for the 2013-2014 academic year.
  • Must demonstrate financial need.
  • Must demonstrate academic potential and promise.

Citizen Type

  • HB 1079


Financial Need Based


Applications can be found here.

Please ensure that you provide all the items below and only those items. Failure to do so can result in disqualification of your application.

Scholarship Application ? Please complete the application in full.
One Letter of Recommendation ? You may submit an extra letter but only one isrequired. Wewill only accept a maximum of 2 letters.

Personal Statement (1000 words maximum) ? Your personal statement must fulfill thefollowing three things to be considered complete. Please read carefully.

1. You must write a response to only one of the writing prompts below: 

-  Provide an autobiography that includes your dreams, hopes, and aspirations.

-  How would you describe your high school experience and what do you expect to gain byenrolling in college?

-  What is your greatest motivation for attending college next year?

-  Chicana Feminist writer Ana Castillo writes, ?We do not simply survive, that would implythat we were no more than drones. We live lives full with meaning.? Share with us how youlive life full with meaning.

 2.  You must indicate in your personal statement that you are an undocumented student. We definean undocumented student as someone who was born outside of the U.S. but lives here without thelegal permission of the federal government.

3.  You must include a description of your current financial need as an undocumented student inyour personal statement.

Copy of High School transcript ? Submit your most current high school transcript. You maysubmit an unofficial or official transcript.

*Should you be awarded a scholarship, we will ask for proof of college enrollment.

Application must be completed and received by the Scholarship Awards Committee no later thanFriday, March 15, 2013.

Send Application To:
Care of: Beyond HB 1079 Conference
Attn: Scholarship Committee
University of Washington
Ethnic Cultural Center
3931 Brooklyn Avenue Northeast
Seattle, Washington 98115

Contact Information

Questions: Please email or call (206) 579-7598


  • 2013-03-15: Application Deadline